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Coupon code

Q: What is a coupon code?

A: coupon code is a sequence of letters, numbers, or a combination of both that can be entered during the checkout process when making a purchase online. It is used to apply a discount or special offer to the total order amount.

Steps to enable coupon code?

  •  Go to Apps: Go to apps where you can manage Razorpay.
  • Select Coupon :
    • Within the options, there should be a choice of Coupon. Look for an option related to Coupon.
  • Specify Coupon  Details :
Click into Add Coupon Button.
 Select Type – select type from dropdown options (product , Total Billing)
  1. Product Coupon:
    • Description: This type of coupon is specific to a particular product.
    • Usage: When customers apply this coupon during checkout, it provides a discount or special offer only for the selected product(s).
  2. Total Billing Coupon:
    • Description: This type of coupon is applied to the total cost of the customer’s purchase.
    • Usage: When customers apply this coupon during checkout, it provides a discount or special offer that is applicable to the entire order, considering the total cost of all items in the cart.

Product Coupon :

Title :Creating an effective and appealing title for a coupon is crucial to attract attention and encourage users to redeem the offer
Code : 
  • Users are given a unique coupon code that they can share with friends, family, or others.
  • When someone else uses the code during a purchase, both the existing user (referrer) and the new user (referee) may receive benefits, such as discounts or rewards.
  • Notes : if coupon is product type and and coupon code  not added in  coupon  then coupon applies in particular product automatically if applicable, customer can apply or not apply is depends on customer.
  • Crafting a compelling and clear coupon description is essential to communicate the value of the offer and motivate users to take advantage of it
Customer Type :(All, new , repeat)
  • When designing a coupon strategy, you may consider tailoring your offers to different customer types to better meet their preferences and needs.  
Date :
Setting start and end dates for your coupon promotions is a strategic way to create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to take immediate action.
Coupon Type :
Flat Discount:
  • A flat discount is a fixed amount deducted from the total cost of a product or order.
  • It provides customers with a specific monetary reduction, regardless of the total purchase amount.
Percentage Discount:
  • A percentage discount is a reduction calculated as a percentage of the total cost of a product or order.
  • It offers customers a percentage reduction in the final price based on the specified discount rate.
Uses  Per Customer :
  • Adding a “Per Customer” limit can be an effective strategy in creating a balance between encouraging customer loyalty and preventing potential misuse of discounts.
Redemption Per Customer :
  • The concept of “Redemption Per Customer” refers to the number of times a specific customer can redeem a particular coupon or promotional offer.
Applicable For :
  • 1 . Prepaid  2 . COD
  • Coupon used for prepaid  or COD  orders
Status : 
 Show Coupon is Active or inactive.
  1. Product Listing:
    • Display a list of all available products in your system.
In case of Total Billing 
Show Coupon List

How To Use It.

Show Coupon Description in product detail page .(if coupon code is not add in coupon ) 
Order Payment page user can apply Coupons.
by clicking See All Available Coupons or  in search box  user can  apply coupon code .
During the checkout process, you will find a field labeled Coupon Code. Simply enter the provided coupon code in this field and click “Apply” to see the discount reflected in your order total.


A flat-type coupon refers to a discount that provides a fixed amount off the total cost of a purchase, regardless of the order value. 
When a customer applies a flat-type coupon during checkout, a specific fixed amount is deducted from the total order cost.
A product-type coupon is a discount or promotional offer that applies specifically to one or more designated products. It allows customers to receive a discount when purchasing the specified products.
Customers can apply a product-type coupon during the checkout process when purchasing the designated products. The coupon provides a discount or special offer specifically for those selected items.

Yes, product-type coupons typically have an expiration date. It’s important to check the validity period and use the coupon before it expires to avail of the discount on the designated products.

Yes , you can apply multiple coupons in single order.

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