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Make things just the way you like them! This guide helps you change and personalize stuff to suit your taste. Learn the easy steps to make your things look and work exactly how you want. Dive into customization and make everything uniquely yours!

List the types of component with their variations

There are mainly 2 types of component: Common Component – which is common in all the pages, any changes make effect in all the pages. Individual Component – which is individual for different pages, any changes doesn’t make any effect in another component. Common Component mainly have 2 components: 1. Header Default Header Three Row …

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List the pages

Home: Landing page showcasing various products, categories, and promotions. Shop: Page displaying the catalog of products for users to browse and purchase. Detail: Detailed product information page, providing specifications, reviews, and images. Cart: Page where users can view and manage items they’ve added to their shopping cart. Checkout: Process page for users to complete their …

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How to create rich product detail page?

What is Custom Field? A custom field refers to a user-defined data attribute associated with a listing in an application. Users can create and manage these custom fields to enhance the information and presentation of their listings, making it easy to showcase a rich product experience tailored to their unique preferences and requirements. Steps to …

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