Logo of Globefunction

Step 1. Access the Apps Section:

Navigate to the “Apps” section within the platform or system you are using. This is typically where you manage and configure various applications or services associated with your account.

Step 2. Enter the My Store App:

Within the Apps section, locate and enter the “My Store” app. This specific app seems to be related to managing or configuring an online store.

Step 3. Navigate to Domain Settings:

Once inside the My Store app, find the section or menu labeled “Domain Settings.” This is where you can manage and configure the domains associated with your online store.

Step 4. Add the Domain You Want to Configure:

In the Domain Settings, look for an option to add a new domain. Enter the domain name that you want to configure for your online store.

Step 5. Click on "Connect Now" Button:

 After entering the domain, there should be a “Connect Now” button or a similar action to initiate the connection process. Click on this button to proceed with connecting the specified domain to your online store.

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