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How to enable SEO?

  • Navigate to the “Apps” section of your platform where you can manage various functionalities, including SEO.
  • Look for an option related to SEO within the available choices. Select the SEO option to proceed.
  • Click on the “ADD” button to initiate the process of adding SEO content.
  • In the subsequent interface:
    • Select the desired website page from the dropdown menu.
    • Specify the title of the shared content in the “Title” field.
    • Add relevant keywords associated with the page in the “Keyword” field.
    • Provide a brief description of the content in the “Description” field.
    • Specify the URL of the image to be displayed with the shared content in the “Image” field.
    • If applicable, select the option “Same For All Pages” to apply the same SEO settings for all pages.
  • Click “ADD” button to create the SEO page entry.

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