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How to integrate Shiprocket?

What is Shiprocket and how it works?

  • ShipRocket, a shipping logistics service, partners with e-commerce stores worldwide, facilitating seamless connections to courier services. With ‘integrate ShipRocket,’ effortlessly manage and track order shipments and returns for enhanced e-commerce operations.
  • Shiprocket, a logistics and shipping platform, ensures smooth integration with e-commerce businesses. With ‘integrate Shiprocket,’ streamline order fulfillment, shipping, and delivery processes for enhanced efficiency in managing your online store operations.

Steps to enable it?

  •  Go to Apps: Go to apps where you can manage Shiprocket.
  • Select Shiprocket :
    • Within the options, there should be a choice of Shiprocket. Look for an option related to Shiprocket
  • Specify Shiprocket Details :
  • Add your email and password which are provided by shiprocket.
Shows Your pickup location
After adding credentials successfully . all pickup locations added to your Shiprocket account,and show in pickup address  section.

How To Use It.

Go to the  orders section: 
for checking order status  go to order section.
The orders section shows all orders and you can schedule orders in shiprocket.
for schedule order
1. add dimensions 
  • You need to add dimensions related to a particular order.
  • dimensions add in grams.
2.  select the order and process the order :
  • select order and process order to add order in shiprocket.
  1. select a courier for particular order. and place order in shiprocket .
  •  after process orders  you can select order wise courier. and submit orders .
  • order shows into shiprocket pannel.  
  1. To check the order status check schedule orders status go to the section – schedule order.
  • track shiprocket orders status. 
  • Users can able  to  download Labels, Manifests, and Invoice
  • In case of failure user can check failure reason . 

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