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How to publish the template?

Step 1. Complete Customization:

Ensure you have personalized the template according to your preferences and requirements. This includes adjusting colors, fonts, images, layout, and other elements to create a cohesive and branded design.

Step 2. Preview Your Changes:

Before publishing, it’s a good practice to preview your website to ensure that all customizations look as expected. This step allows you to catch any potential issues before making your site live.

Step 3. Save Your Changes:

Make sure to save all the changes you’ve made to the template. This is crucial to ensure that the customized version is ready for publication.

Step 4. Access Publishing Settings:

Depending on the website builder or platform, there should be a section or settings related to publishing your site. This might be labeled as “Publish,” “Go Live,” or something similar.

Step 5. Configure Domain Settings (If Applicable):

If you have a custom domain, ensure that your domain settings are configured to point to the newly customized template. This step may involve linking your domain to your website or adjusting DNS settings.

Step 6. Confirm and Publish:

Once you’re satisfied with the customization and have configured all necessary settings, look for a “Publish” or “Update” button. Confirm your decision, and your website or application will go live with the selected template.

Step 7. Check Your Live Site:

After publishing, check your live site to ensure that everything appears as intended. This step is crucial to identify any issues that may arise in the public view.

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