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Step 1. Log in to Your GoDaddy Account:

 Visit the GoDaddy website and log in to your account using your   credentials.

Step 2. Navigate to DNS Management:

Once logged in, find and select the domain you want to configure. Look for the option named “DNS Management” or “Manage DNS.” This is the section where you can edit your domain’s DNS records.

Step 3. Add the First A Record for the Root Domain:

      • In the DNS Management section, locate the option to add a new record. Choose “A” as the record type.
      • Enter “@” in the “Host” field. This represents the root domain.
      • For “Points to,” copy and paste the IP address provided:
      • Set the TTL (Time to Live) to the default value, which is often 1 hour.

Step 4. Add the Second A Record for the www Subdomain:

      • Still in the DNS Management section, add another A record.
      • This time, set the “Host” field to www.”
      • For “Points to,” again use the IP address:
      • Keep the TTL at the default setting of 1 hour.

Step 5. Save Changes:

After entering the details for both A records, look for a “Save” or “Update” button. Click to save your changes.

Step 6. Propagation Time:

Keep in mind that DNS changes may take some time to propagate across the internet. While changes typically happen quickly, it might take up to 48 hours for the new DNS settings to fully propagate.

Step 7. Verify Configuration:

To confirm that your A records are set up correctly, you can use online DNS lookup tools or wait for the changes to propagate and then visit your domain in a web browser.

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