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How will the user use phonepe?

    • Initiate Payment: When a customer decides to make a payment, a PhonePe popup is displayed. This can happen during the checkout process or when selecting a payment method.
    • Click “Pay Now”: Within the PhonePe popup, the customer will click the “Pay Now” or equivalent button to proceed with the payment. This action signifies their intent to use PhonePe for the transaction.
    • Redirect to PhonePe Payment Page: After clicking “Pay Now,” the customer is redirected to the PhonePe payment page. Here, they can select their preferred payment method (such as UPI, debit card, or credit card) and authenticate the transaction.
    • Complete Payment: The customer completes the payment process on the PhonePe page by providing the necessary authentication details and confirming the transaction.
    • Payment Success: Upon successful completion of the payment, PhonePe generates a confirmation, and the customer is automatically redirected back to your platform. The PhonePe popup or payment page is closed, and the customer is informed that the payment was successful.
    • Redirect to Manage Orders Section: The customer is redirected to the “Manage Orders” section or an equivalent area on your platform. This section typically displays order details, payment confirmation, and any relevant information regarding the transaction.

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