Logo of Globefunction
  1. Home: Landing page showcasing various products, categories, and promotions.
  1. Shop: Page displaying the catalog of products for users to browse and purchase.
  1. Detail: Detailed product information page, providing specifications, reviews, and images.
  1. Cart: Page where users can view and manage items they’ve added to their shopping cart.
  1. Checkout: Process page for users to complete their purchase, including address and payment details.
  1. Payment: Page for users to make payments securely.
  1. My Account: User profile and account management page.
  1. Manage Address: Page for users to add, edit, or delete their shipping addresses.
  1. Orders: Page displaying the history and status of user orders.
  1. Sign In: Page for users to log into their accounts.
  1. Sign Up: Page for new users to create an account.
  1. Change Password: Page allowing users to change their account password.
  1. Reset Password: Page for users to reset their forgotten passwords.
  1. About Us: Information about the company or website.
  1. Privacy Policy: Document outlining the privacy practices and policies of the website.
  1. Refund Policy: Information about the procedures and conditions for product refunds.
  1. Shipping Policy: Details about the shipping methods, costs, and delivery times.
  1. Terms of Service: Legal terms and conditions users must agree to when using the website.
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