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List the types of component with their variations

There are mainly 2 types of component:

  1. Common Component – which is common in all the pages, any changes make effect in all the pages.
  2. Individual Component – which is individual for different pages, any changes doesn’t make any effect in another component.
Common Component mainly have 2 components:

1. Header

    • Default Header
    • Three Row Navbar
    • Choose Payment Methods: Look for the list of available payment methods within your app settings. This is where you manage the different payment options that your application supports.
    • Select PhonePe: Within the payment options, locate and select the PhonePe option. This step ensures that your application is configured to accept payments through the PhonePe digital payment platform.
    • Enter Connection Details: Fill out the required details, which typically include the key ID, salt key, and secret. Ensure that you accurately input this sensitive information to establish a secure connection between your application and PhonePe.
    • Initiate Connection: After entering the necessary details, click on the “Connect” or equivalent button to initiate the connection process. This action signals your application to establish a connection with the PhonePe platform using the provided key ID, salt key, and secret.

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