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1. Coupon Code: Receive an exclusive code to share with friends and family. When they use it during checkout, both you (referrer) and they (referee) enjoy benefits – discounts or rewards on the total order amount.

2. Description: Discover exclusive discounts on your entire purchase with our limited-time offer!

3. Customer Type: Tailor your offer to All, New, or Repeat customers, ensuring everyone finds their perfect deal for the entire order.

4. Validity Dates: Act fast! This deal is valid from [Start Date] to [End Date].

5. Coupon Type:Choose between:

    • Flat Discount: Save a fixed amount on the total cost of your order.
    • Percentage Discount: Enjoy a percentage off the total cost, providing flexible savings for your entire purchase.

6. Usage Limits: Feel the freedom to enjoy discounts responsibly – each customer can use this offer [X] times.

7. Redemption Limits: Redeem this fantastic offer up to [X] times, making your shopping experience delightful.

8. Applicable For: Valid for both Prepaid and Cash on Delivery (COD) orders – choose the payment method that suits you best.

9. Status: Check the status – Active or Inactive – and seize the savings while it lasts!

10. Product Listing: Explore our entire product catalog to discover the items eligible for this exclusive total billing coupon offer.

11. Minimum Billing Amount: Specify the minimum amount the total order must reach for the coupon to be applicable.

12. Maximum Discount: Set the maximum discount limit to ensure a balance between providing savings and maintaining business sustainability.

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