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What are the features available in gallery?

1. Explore All Images:
Dive into your entire image collection with the “All Images” section. Browse through all your pictures without any specific filters, offering a comprehensive view of your stored memories.
2. Search Your Folders:
Easily find images by typing in the folder name using the search bar. This handy feature streamlines the process, helping you locate specific images by searching for the folder they belong to.
3. Move Images Between Folders:
Simplify your image organization by moving pictures from one folder to another. This feature lets you rearrange your collection, ensuring that your images are neatly sorted into the right folders.
4. Delete Unwanted Images:
Clean up your collection by permanently deleting images you no longer need. This action not only frees up storage space but also ensures your gallery only contains the pictures you truly want to keep.
5. Add New Images:
Keep your gallery fresh by adding new images. Use the “Add Image” feature to effortlessly upload pictures from your device, expanding your collection and capturing more moments in your digital album.

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