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What are the steps to enable it?

Step 1. Accessing the Apps Section:

Begin by navigating to the applications section within the platform or system you are using. This is typically the central hub where various integrations and services are managed.

Step 2. Selecting Shiprocket:

Within the applications, search for the option related to Shiprocket. This might be listed under shipping, logistics, or a similar category. Look for the Shiprocket icon or name within the available options.

Step 3. Specifying Shiprocket Details:

Once Shiprocket is selected, proceed to provide the necessary details. This typically involves adding the email and password associated with your Shiprocket account. These credentials are crucial for establishing a secure and authenticated connection between your system and the Shiprocket platform.

Step 4. Pickup Location Setup:

After successfully adding your Shiprocket credentials, the platform usually prompts you to specify your pickup location. This step involves providing details about the address from which shipments will be picked up. This information is vital for efficient logistics coordination.

Step 5. Setup Webhook:

  1. Navigate to the designated section within your Shiprocket account. This is typically found under “Settings,” specifically within the API settings.
  2. Within the API settings, locate the “Webhook” subsection. This is the gateway to configuring and managing webhooks for tracking order activities.
  3. Add the provided webhook URL to the designated field. This URL is crucial for establishing a connection between Shiprocket and the external system or application that will be processing the tracking activity data.
  4. After adding the webhook URL, enable the toggle switch associated with it. This action signifies the activation of the webhook, allowing Shiprocket to start sending tracking activity updates to the specified URL.
  5. Save the changes to ensure that the webhook is successfully configured and activated. From this point forward, relevant tracking information for your orders will be seamlessly communicated to the specified URL, providing real-time updates on the status and location of your shipments.

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