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Step 1. Go to Apps:

Navigate to the application or platform where you can manage manual payments. This could be an e-commerce website, a financial management system, or any other relevant platform.

Step 2. Select Manual Payment:

Within the payment options or settings, look for an option related to manual payments. It may be labeled as “Manual Payment” or “Manual Payment Method.”

Step 3. Specify UPI Details:

In the manual payment settings, there should be fields to specify UPI details. This typically includes:

  • UPI ID: Enter the UPI ID associated with your account.
  • QR Code Image: Upload the UPI QR code image if applicable.
  • Select Email for Payment Approval: Choose “Email” for payment approval notifications.

Step 4. Connect:

After entering the UPI details, look for a “Connect” button to confirm and save your manual payment settings.

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