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What is preview and customize of template

  1. Preview Template:
    • Selection: Users start by choosing a template from a collection of pre-designed options, such as fashion, jewelry, or electronics templates.
    • Preview: Once a template is selected, users have the option to preview how their website or application will look using that specific template. This preview allows them to get an initial sense of the template’s layout, design, and overall aesthetics.
    • Theme Alignment: Users can assess whether the chosen template aligns with their brand identity, industry, or specific goals.
  2. Customize Template:
    • Personalization: After selecting a template, users can enter into a customization mode. This is where they can make changes to different aspects of the design to tailor it to their specific needs and preferences.
    • Editing Tools: Common customization options include changing colors, fonts, images, and adjusting the layout. Users may also be able to add or remove sections, modify text, and incorporate their branding elements.
    • Component Variations: Users often have the flexibility to choose from various components, allowing them to switch between different styles or variations within the template.
    • Real-time Updates: Many website builders provide a real-time editing experience. This means that users can see the changes they make to the template immediately reflected in the preview, facilitating an interactive and dynamic customization process.

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